Toppen af Danmark
Løkken vinter

Winter in Løkken

Experience winter at the seaside up close. Feel the har frozen sand under your hiking boots as you gaze into the horizon beyond the North Sea. Find more inspiration to your visit in Løkken during January and February right here. 

Active holiday during winter

Løkken offers a range of activities during winter time. Danish winter along the coast can be rough, but that makes it charming in its own way. Who doesn't love the feeling of getting home after a long walk in the fresh frosty air, and feeling your cheeks tingle as they warm up? Then you can start a fire, get a cup of tea or hot chocolate and decide to not go outside anymore that day. Sounds good? You can experience this in Løkken. And to make the time outside a bit interesting, there are a few things you can do. 

Riding waves or seeing sights

For the active travellers, there are walking and cycling routes, which can take you through forests and green fields, or along the beach - you decide. You can see all the routes that go through Løkken here. There's also North Shore Surf, where you can learn to surf at any time of the year. You will be given a wetsuit, which ensures that you will not be cold, even if the water temperature is not ideal. North Shore Surf also has a sauna that you can visit after your surfing lesson. They also offer wilderness baths, which are hot baths in the open air. You can read more about the activities here. For those who just want to swim, there is a swimming pool, which is not as cold as the sea.

Børglum Kloster often has activities, no matter the season. For example, this year they are holding a yoga event two times in January. Read more about their events at the abbey's website.

Gastronomic or cultural experience

Visiting Løkken in the winter is a completely different experience from the busy summertime. You can enjoy the walks through the town streets in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Restaurants have plenty of seats, and all the service is focused on you. You can just sit down and relax with your meal, without any interruptions or crowd noise. Just remember that restaurants have different opening hours in the winter season, so be sure to check those beforehand. 

Apart from that, there many cultural experiences can be found in Løkken and in the area. For example, House of Culture in Løkken has different concerts and lectures every month (most are held in Danish). You can keep an eye on the events on their Facebook page. If you are interested in museums and other cultural and historical places in Løkken, you can read about them here.