Toppen af Danmark
Jul på Børglum Kloster

Christmas time at Børglum Abbey

Børglum Abbey's Christmas activities have grown bigger and bigger through the years. Now families and friends can visit the historical site during four weekends with Christmas fairss. Dive into the abbey's history and explore the home of family Rottbøll.

At our evening event "The Splendor of Christmas" the stalls from our fairs will participate. That means on this evening, guests will have the opportunity to walk among over 40 different stalls and have a look and purchase - Benedicte Rottbøll.

Julen i al sin pragt

A historian Et historisk centrum i Vendsyssel

Since the Vikings, various power houses have played an essential role in the history of Denmark: in the period of the Vikings it was the royal estate. In the Middle Ages it was the bishop’s seat with the monastery and after 1536 the abbey became private estate. Wonder into the depths of history that have lasted near a 1000 years on the hill of Børglum.