Frisk fisk

Dine well in Løkken

The taste of Løkken

During the whole year you can enjoy a menu made with delicious local goods. Here you get a "bite" of Løkken, when you are served vegetables from the town's backyard, enjoy freshly caught fish from our local fishermen and quench the thirst with a beer brewed at Løkken's very own brewery.

Photo: Mikkel Heriba

Freshly caught fish

Do you want to prepare your own flavourful fish directly from the North Sea?


Løkken is one of the last coastal towns with active fishermen. When the fishermen come with the catch of the day, you can buy it directly from the sailboats on the beach. It is difficult for both fishermen and locals to know, when the boats come to land. Five sailboats catch fish in Løkken, so keep an eye out for the number of boats on the beach and the tracks in the sand. There is no fresher fish!


At SuperBrugsen and Meny, you can find a delicious selection of freshly caught fish and seafood, which are ready to be taken home and prepared. The supermarkets' delicacies section has a wide selection of the season's fish and is always ready to instruct on choice and preparation. When it needs to be easy and convenient without compromising on the quality of the freshly caught fish, you can safely go to the delicacies section.


In Løkken, there are plenty of possibilities to catch fish yourself. There is a faucet at the pier to rinse the fish and holders for the fishing rods. There is also space for wheelchairs. From the pier, you can catch many fish species like plaice, cod, mackerel, garfish, eel, dab and European flounder. Be aware that you need a fishing license, which can be bought at Løkken Tourist Office. At Løkken Fishing park, you can also rent a fishing rod, and fish in beautiful surroundings.