Christmas in Løkken

Photo: Benedicte I. F. von S. Løvendahl Rottbøll

Løkken offers many activities and exciting events. The whole family can gather together for some intimate days in a cosy atmosphere, when over 100 candles are lit at Børglum Kloster, when Santa Claus comes to Løkken by boat, and the Christmas markets create a real festive mood.

Events in Løkken

Experience the magical Christmas feeling in Løkken. Santa always remembers to visit Løkken, and he always brings small surprises for the lovely children.

Restaurants and cafes

Visit many of Løkken's restaurants and cafes that serve tasty dishes.

Sleep well in Løkken

Find the right accommodation for your Christmas days by the west coast.


In Løkken, you will find a wide selection for him and for her.

Christmas time at Børglum Abbey

Spend time with your close ones at Børglum Abbey, where you can experience four Christmas markets

Raw and beautiful

The nature can be just as beautiful and wonderful during wintertime, as it is in the summer. Experience the North Sea showing its teeth with vigorous waves that crash into the Løkken Pier, and see how the water is getting closer to the sand dunes. The winter here can be rough, but Løkken looks beautiful from the dunes, when the snow covers the old houses and streets in town. We are excited to welcome you to Løkken during Christmas time.

Rubjerg Knude

The nature is full of mystique, when you are outside, feeling the cold air on your cheeks. Visit Rubjerg Knude, the great wandering dunes and their fearless lighthouse.

Find your peace at the west coast

The coast can have just as beautiful days in the winter, as in the summer. The cold months do not stop natural wellness and outdoor activities. You can come to hiking tours, spend time fishing, surf or enjoy the heat in a sauna with a view of the sea.