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Experience Lønstrup

The small fishing village has retained its genuine charm and identity. The picturesque town winds through a valley behind the high dunes surrounded by magnificent scenery.

Crafts in Lønstrup

In the middle of the rough nature that identifies Lønstrup and its people, art and handcrafts is flourishing. The powers of the nature nourishes creativity and art. The craftsmen in Lønstrup who find inspiration in the nature and the light, makes the town unique.

Enjoy the nature of Lønstrup

From the top of Rubjerg Knude sand dune, almost 90 meters above the sea, you can enjoy the view of the impressive North Sea and large parts of Vendsyssel. Here you are very close to the forces of nature, which cannot be tamed!

Active holiday in Lønstrup

There are many hiking routes in and around Lønstrup. The terrain also offers cycling, both leisure cyclist and mountain bikers can enjoy unique nature experiences combined with healthy exercise. Or enjoy the nature from horseback on the beach very close to the North Sea.

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