Fiskekutter Løkken

Spring in Løkken

Photo: Toppen af Danmark

Enjoy spring in Løkken with its unique nature and countless opportunities for an active holiday with forrests, oceans and dunes as your playground. Here you will find peace and time for contemplation or the perfect setting for a family holiday packed with activities and events for children

Spring highlights

Flea Market in Løkken

Make a good bargain, go exploring in used belongings, curious antiques and cut-rate merchandise.

Brunch table on Whit Saturday

Well-brewed coffee, freshly baked bread and wonderful atmosphere in the setting of Løkken's cozy meeting point, The Square. Enjoy the tasty breakfast ...

Easter Fun for children - Børglum Abbey

The Golden Easter Eggs Easter fun for children.

Løkken Marathon

Get ready for Løkken Marathon! A great chance to experience Løkken's beautiful nature while reaching your personal goals!

Airborne and seaborne

Blokhus-Løkken Windfestival 2020

Photo: Toppen af Danmark

Experience spring in Løkken

Løkken's hiking and biking trails are incredible by spring. The oceanside provides beautiful views and the clear light follows you wherever you go in the enchanting landscape. Løkken is an amazing place for children. You can have a blast in Action House which offers many activities for both big and small. During the easter holidays you can make your own lolipops at Bolcheriet. Many galleries and art exhibitions open up by easter ready with new art pieces and displays. 

Hiking in the Top of Denmark

Experience nature at first hand on a hiking trip in the Top of Denmark.

Art, culture and history in Løkken

Do you want to experience art, culture and history of Løkken?

Løkken for kids

On this site, we wish to show how many things and activities children would enjoy in Løkken.

Sleep in Løkken

Photo: Toppen af Danmark

Dine in Løkken

Photo: Mikkel Heriba