Surfing i Løkken
Idyllic beach town

and wild nature

Løkken Mole

Welcome to Løkken

Løkken is known and loved for its fine sandy beach, the characteristic white beach huts and fishing boats on the beach near the pier. For generations, holiday guests from far and wide have travelled to Løkken to experience the sea, the dunes and the lovely town with sand lying in the streets. The town, and the whole west coast, is worth a visit in any season.

Ho, ho, ho!

During the holiday time, you can come into the lovely, decorative shops and do your Christmas shopping or get some inspiration for the next Christmas dinner party in the local grocery stores. If you are celebrating Christmas in Løkken, there is also a chance to buy a Christmas tree. Click here and see what Christmas in Løkken can offer.

The town behind sand dunes

It goes without saying that in Løkken, there is sand in the streets and that you will find it along the freezers in the supermarket, in the car and in the summerhouse. But because the town is a true beach town, and with central location, you can start the day at the beach just as casually, as you would with a morning coffee in the kitchen. A true paradise, where families with small and older children can relax, and visitors without children can enjoy the atmosphere of the west coast.

Løkken for kids

You will find several activities and events for kids in Løkken. The major family attractions in Nordjylland are all within an hour drive from Løkken. ...

Shopping in Løkken

In Løkken, you can go around the town's different shops. Here you will find a big variation in clothing brands and styles, and if you are looking for ...

Events in Løkken

Find current events, big and small. In Løkken, there is something to do in any time of the year.

Active Løkken

The town attracts both surfers and paragliders to Løkken beach, where you have the chance and the best framework to try yourself out in the waves of t...

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