Jul i Løkken
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Christmas at our coast?

Jul i Løkken

Welcome to Løkken

Løkken is known and loved for its fine sandy beach, the characteristic white beach huts and fishing boats on the beach near the pier. For generations, holiday guests from far and wide have travelled to Løkken to experience the sea, the dunes and the lovely town with sand lying in the streets. The town, and the whole west coast, is worth a visit in any season.

The happiest season of all

Løkken is delivering its signature holiday magic. There’s nothing as finding Christmas spirit along the decorative streets, at the Christmas fairs and the local shops. Are you spending Christmas in Løkken, you can do most of your Christmas shopping at our shops and stores decorated with customized winter wonderlands. Sip hot cocoa after spending time outdoors. It may be cold and frosty outside, but the surroundings are just as remarkable along your walk as it is during summertime. Experience the North Sea show its teeth with lush waves striking Løkken Pier and see how the water edge approaches the sand dunes. Just as harsh the winter’s cloak can seem, just as remarkable can the view from the sand dunes of Løkken be, with snow cowered houses and paths in the town. We are looking forward to your visit.

Julemarked på Børglum Kloster

Christmas in Løkken

The town behind sand dunes

In Løkken you always have the fantastic North Sea right in the backyard. There is beach sand in the streets, a wonderful maritime feel and an atmosphere that will give you that holiday feeling right away. The town, the dunes and the sea provides the setting for new unforgettable memories for the whole family. Look forward to good dinners, long walks and fantastic experiences in Løkken.