Winter bathing in Skagen – Frederikshavn - Sæby

Winter bathing is an increasing trend.

When the summer is drawing to it's close and the bathing water is approaching temperatures, as few associate with pleasure, the polar bear swimmers comes in their right element. A dip in the gushing water causes the blood to rush and the well-being to rise.

A holiday in the coastal towns Skagen, Frederikshavn or Sæby offers ideal conditions for winter bathing, and here you will find 3 local winter bathing clubs. In Skagen, the winter bathing club, The icebreakers, is behind the popular Skagen Winter Bathing Festival in January. 

Skagen Winter Bathing festival

Skagen Winter Bathing festival is an annual recurring event, where hundreds of happy winter bathers go out into Kattegat's ice-cold waves. It is a popular event that attracts cheerfully men and women from all over Scandinavia, and which is quickly sold out almost the same day as sales begin. For many of the participants, it has become an annual tradition to meet at the Skagen Winter Bathing festival every year. In 2019, the Skagen Winter Bathing Festival will be held for the 8th consecutive year. 

Winter bathing as wellness

Even if you are on vacation, there is no need to skip the healthy habits on the contrary! For inspiration, we have gathered several offers for you, where you can combine life-giving tours in the ocean, for example with wellness, delicious hotel accommodation and exquisite gastronomy. See the delicious offers on this page.

We have also collected some good winter tips for you, and you can see an overview of the most popular spots for winter bathing in Skagen, Frederikshavn and Sæby. Finally, remember to take your precautions when you go in the water in the winter, see our guide to safe bathing.

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