What to experience in Lønstrup

At the very edge towards the North Sea, in the unspoiled nature of Northern Jutland, lies the old fishing village of Lønstrup, today a popular holiday destination. Throughout generations, the population of Lønstrup has been nourished by the North Sea, the same sea, that today slowly eats the cliff on which the town lies. In the summer the town is full of life, with the many holidaymakers. In the winter it offers peace end mindfullness. Here you feel the presence of the untamed nature. This allows for truly unique outdoor experiences and is the source of renewed energy.

Lønstrup Guide 2019

Read the Lønstrup Guide in PDF. In the Lønstrup guide we collect ideas for experiences in the area.

Church on a cliff

Mårup Church was built in the early 13th century and was then 2 km. from the coast. But the slope moved closer and in 2008 one started the dismantling of the church. In 2015, the last remnants were taken down.

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