Transportation in Hirtshals + area

Transportation in Hirtshals and region.

Transportation in Hirtshals and the region

When the destination is determined and your holiday home ordered, you can concentrate on finding what to see and what to do. You can easily go sightseeing in Hirtshals using the free city bikes avaiable in the summer half-year.

If you didn't bring your own car for the holiday in Hirtshals, you might need public transportation go sightseeing in the North Jutland region. You can find several options in the link box on the right. 

By locals Hirtshals is called "The gateway to Europe" because of the many ferries from the North to Hirtshals. Take advantage and go on a one-day trip to Norway or a minicruise to the Faroe Islands. Order the tickets at Hirtshals Turist Office.

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Hirtshals Turist Office

Book ferry at Hirtshals Turist Office.
Phone +45 9894 2220 or
show up at the address Dalsagervej 1,
9850 Hirtshals

Long term parking in Hirtshals

You can long-term park, free of charge, at the designated parking spaces at Hirtshals Transport Center. If you wish, you can book a parking space with video surveillance through Hirtshals Tourist Office. Read more about prices and conditions for long-term parking.

Fjord Line

ferry from Hirtshals to Kristiansand, Larvik, Stavanger & Bergen


Color Line

ferry from Hirtshals to Kristiansand & Larvik


Smyril Line

ferry from Hirtshals to the Faroe Islands & Island



Public transport portal - helps you plan your journey


Nordjyske Jernbaner

schedule for the local train Hirtshals-Hjørring


Nordjyllands Trafikselskab

scheldule for trains and busses in North Jutland + the summer bus "Skagarakkeren".