Winter holidays with sledge in the Top of Denmark

Skiing, skating and sledging in the Top of Denmark

When the frost comes in and the snow covers North Jutland, it is time to find your skates, skis and sledge. There are lots of possibilities for winter activities in forests as well as along the coastline.

Sledging and skiing in your winter holidays

When the snow is falling and the countryside turns white, nature in North Jutland gives you lots of activities and possibilites.

There are great sledge runs in the woods and many forest roads are great for skiing. Some places real ski runs are even established.

Skating during winter time

When it is freezing cold outside and the lakes freeze over and are covered with ice, it is time to bring out the skates. Many of the lakes are great for skating.

It is an amazing experience to see the countryside from the middle of the sea - from a new angle. When the coldness has taken in the countryside and nature with white snow and frost, and it shows itself in the most favourable light. The bright ice and the sound of the edge on the skates provide the experience with an extra dimension.

After few freezing days our lakes are covered by ice. However, this doesn't mean that the ice holds your weight. In order to ensure that the ice is thick enough to carry a man's weight, it needs many days of freezing cold.


If you want to skate on the lakes, you have to take some precautions. 

Please notice that not all lakes freeze over at the same speed. Normally small and low watered lakes freezer over faster than the large deep lakes. But how the water is fed to and from the lake is also an important factor. The undercurrent changes the picture as areas with reed mace and rush takes a longer time to freezer over than in other places. 

Usually traffic on the ice is allowed once the ice is at least 13 cm thick. However, this is not a guarantee of the fact that the ice is safe to walk on. Walking on the ice in nature is of course always at your own risk. 

If you see signs with the following words "Færdsel på isen frarådes" (Walking on the ice is advised against), you should listen to the advice - even though the lake looks frozen. There are always valid and good reasons for putting up the sign.

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