Photo from the photo competition 2012 in the Top of Denmark

Photo safari in winter in the Top of Denmark

Bring your camera on photo safari in the Land of Light. Here you will find many beautiful motives when the winter colours decorate the Land of Light or when the lovely time indoors is at its highest. A fun family activity.

Winter colours

When the landscape is frosting over or the bright winter light emphasizes all details, you have many unique possibilites for a great snap shot with your camera.

Lots of light during the winter season

Many people are amateur photographers in the Land of Light during the summer half-year. There is, however, a reason why the area is called the Land of Light: Here you find lots of light - also during winter time. So bring your camera and don't miss the opportunity of a great winter photo.

Family activities

The most amazing thing about digital cameras is the fact, that you don't have to think about number of photos taken. Just erase the bad ones once home again. Therefore a photo safari is an obvious family activity for children and adults together.

It is interesting for the children to try to photograph - and it is fun for the adults to see what the children spotted as interesting. And the fun continues when coming home and working with the photos on the computer or printing them.

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