Sankt Hans i Aalbæk ved Skagen

Midsummer Eve in the Top of Denmark

Enjoy Midsummer Eve in the Top of Denmark and experience the bonfires, speeches and make twistbread. Enjoy an evening with your family in nature with bonfire along the beach, in the woods or e.g. at Vippefyret in Skagen.

Why do the Danes celebrate Midsummer Eve?

The Danish celebration of Midsummer Eve started as the heathen celebration of midsummer with the many old traditions. Later on it became a celebration of the sacred saint John, in Danish called Hans and thus the Danish word for Midsummer Eve - Sankt Hans or Sct. Hans. Therefore the celebration always is on the evening of 23 June which is the day before sct. John's day on 24 June.

Today Midsummer Eve in Denmark is typically celebrated with a Midsummer Eve bonfire with the burning of a figure as a witch, a speech and the singing of the song Midsommervisen - a Danish song written by the Danish poet Holger Drachmann.

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Midsummer Eve in the Top of Denmark

Visit the Top of Denmark during June and participate in one of the many Midsummer Eve events in the area. There are many opportunities of enjoying Midsummer Eve with bonfire, speeches and enjoyable time. Find the events below.

Midsommer Eve in Emmersbæk

Midsummer Eve, Løkken beach

Midsummer Eve in Svanelunden, Hjørring

Midsummer Eve by Vippefyret, Skagen

Midsummer Eve, Tversted

Midsummer Eve in FunPark Hirtshals

Midsummer Eve in Tornby

Midsummer Eve in Nr. Lyngby

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The witch on the bonfire

Today the Danes traditionally put a figure dressed as a witch on the bonfire for Midsummer Eve. This tradition was not started until in the beginning of the 1900s. Until then witch burnings were not especially connected with Midsummer. The tradition is allegely from Germany where figures are burned at other annual festivals as well.

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Follow the weather

The Danish summer is unpredictable. Follow the weather and check up on the weather forecast where you are going to celebrate your Midsummer Eve.

DMI - Danish weather forecast

Staying overnight in the Top of Denmark

Find inspiration for the right accommodation for you.