Sæby harbour in sunset

The many harbours in the Top of Denmark

Along the coast in the Top of Denmark you will find a large number of harbours, both dynamic industrial ports, marinas, small fishing villages, and active fishing harbours. Go on a picknick and experience the lively environment at the harbour.

Industrial ports

Every year the large ports in Skagen, Frederikshavn and Hirtshals attract thousands of people. Here life around the ports are characterized by fishing and ferry service.

Enjoy fresh fish on the quay or buy fresh fish at the fishmongers to bring home in the summer time in Skagen. Sit on the harbour and enjoy freshly boiled shrimps and watch the many boats coming to Skagen.

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The historic Skagen

The port in Frederikshavn is a totally different type of harbour. Here you find the dynamic activity at the shipyard, the brisk traffic with the ferries and the many people working at the port. Go to one of the piers or go for a walk through the footbridge called "Valutaslangen" going from the centre of Frederikshavn to the ferries. In this way you will see the harbour from a new angle with ferries, cranes, container ships, cars, and industri.

Frederikshavn Havn / port

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Hirtshals is the city placed in the middle of the breakers next to the wild North Sea. The large fishing and ferry ports are very much characterized by this. The port and city have grown together and the sea is of vital importance to Hirtshals. The raw and genuine charm is seen in the city scene. In the middle of the city in the town square Den Grønne Plads, you have a great view of the sea, the city, and the rough nature surrounding Hirtshals.

Hirtshals Havn / port

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Visit one of the many marinas in the Top of Denmark. Here life is more quiet, but still characterized by activities. Meed the retired fisherman or the young angler. You meet the local people enjoying their time on the harbour, exchanging information about the area and telling interesting stories. Here are fishing cutters, boats, smokehouses, galleries, restaurants and lots of possibilities to settle down for a moment and just enjoy it all.

The small harbours

From ancient times Northjutland has been characterized by and depending on the sea and what came from the ocean. Therefore many small harbours, fishing villages or landing stages have been placed here for many years.

If you drive along the coasts in the Land of Light, you will meet meny small signs or roads going to these harbours. Go exploring - but remember to watch carefully in order to find them.

Below you will find some tips for finding some of the more exotic and not as much visited harbours:

Hirsholmene, you can only visit the island by boat, 7 km North East of Frederikshavn. Go by the mail boat.

Neppens harbour by Bangsbostrand, Kåserne 12, 9900 Frederikshavn.

Ålbæk Havn, nice harbour with about 25 fishing cutters, 20 km north of Frederikshavn.

Strandby Havn, the largest and most active fishing harbour on the East coast, 8 km north of Frederikshavn.

Voerså Havn, idyllic fishing village and old harbour with a stream, 15 km south of Sæby.

Lønstrup fishing village where the boats are pulled up from the water and placed on shore.

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Experience the environment

There is a unique atmosphere and environment at the harbours in the Top of Denmark. Enjoy a summer night at the harbour and see life at the marina or the many fishermen. Here you will also find the many small fishing restaurants with delicious local dishes.