Shops, good atmosphere, hotel, restaurants and cafés

Løkken Town Square

Løkken has a good selection of shopping, sights, events and dining. Enjoy your vacation in Løkken with family and friends.

Løkken is ready for you
You can choose from a range of activities on your vacation with family or friends. On hot summer days, the beach is well visited and in the town center a bazaar-like atmosphere is created by the cosy cafes, the coastal inspired restaurants, shops and boutiques. Besides dining and shopping, the town square also invites big and smaller events for you to enjoy. Some of the more annual events are for example...

  1. ‘Whit Sunday Breakfast’ is the annual Spring event in Løkken. It includes free breakfast at the town square. In Denmark, Whit Sunday is a national holiday.
  2. ‘Summer by Night’, a shopping event in Løkken, which takes place each Thursday in the peak season. A variety of activities adds to the good atmosphere in the city, and the shops have extended opening hours.
  3. ‘Open by Christmas’ and lighting the Christmas tree in the town square takes place the first Sunday in Advent. See Santa arrive to Løkken by boat. 

Charming Løkken

Take a stroll away from the town square down small alleys, and you will see yet another historic and idyllic side of Løkken. In this city behind the dunes, you will find charming old town houses with low ceilings, crooked walls and windows. This part of the town may remind you of H.C. Andersens tale ’Over Where the Road Makes a Turn’.

In Løkken, you can easily stroll around the charming streets and see the houses with the characteristic yellow color, restaurants and shops, while listening to the sea. You can sense the saltwater and see the sand drifting along the walls of the houses and among the café tables.

Løkken has plenty to offer if you like to enjoy more than a sun seekers holiday. The fresh clean air and vast space gives you plenty to explore according to your wishes. 

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