Løkken Beach

Løkken beach is unique. Bring your family to Løkken beach and enjoy the charming atmosphere. Experience the fishing culture, the pier, water sports and the characteristic white beach huts.

Wide beach

Løkken has one of Denmarks best beaches, with a wide range of space, silky sand and a scene of mother nature. The pier, the fisherboats and the sand dunes set the scene for a beautiful walk, inviting you to take notice of the treasures washed up on the shore. In summer the white beach huts reflect sun- and moonlight in a unique way. Stroll along the sea, go for a swim, or take a guided tour – whatever you choose, you will return from Løkken beach with renewed energy!

Kids' sandbox

The wide beach stretches for 10 kilometers and it is ideal for kids as the beach has a marked car-free-zone, and the lifeguards ensure a high level of safety. The car-free-zone streches from the pier to the exit at Ndr. Strandvej, and is also the area for childrens sandsculpture competition, that takes place in the summer season. The masterpieces are judged and rewarded by a panel of local judges - there are prizes for all participants! Indeed the lovely beach makes an extremely inviting playground. In fact, Løkken Beach welcomes the whole family, even the four legged family members. Dogs are allowed on the beach all year around, as long they are kept in a leash!

Løkken Beach on Four Weehls 

Many roads, trails and stairs lead to the beach. In Løkken you have the possibility to drive on the beach. You will find access from Ny Strandvej. Here you have the option to drive south, all the way to Rødhus in the matter of fact! But be cautious about the waterholes. Some of them can be rather deep by the edges. It is also possible to drive north from Ny Strandvej, but because of the pier it is a dead end. Experience the more rough and rustic surroundings on Løkken Beach by driving north from Ndr. Strandvej. Here you can pass by the bunkers from WW2 and you will gasp as you drive by the enourmous sandunes. The have been feeding on the coastline, whitch leaves the hillsides from Løkken all the way to Nr. Lyngby deep and steep. Driving this direction you will meet the exit point at Nr. Lyngby.

Bunkers from the Second World War

If you drive north along the beach, you'll meet a remnant of the Second World War. Many of the German bunkers have become visible as the sea has eroded the dunes. In summertime you can see 500 bunkers from the Second World War. Today the bunkers provide shelter from the prevailing western wind. You can even carefully climb and enter the old bunkers. 


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Lifeguards at Løkken Beach

Lifeguards from Trygfonden ensure a safe envitonment at Løkken beach.
You find the lifeguards at Ny Strandvej in the public school holiday, from June to August.