Fishing holidays in Hirtshals

Fishing from the pier, from the beaches or go sea fishing

Many tourist comes to Hirtshals to fish, and for good reasons. In Hirtshals, you can fish from the west pier, from the beaches or take a boat out to go sea fishing.

At the pier, you will have the company of both local anglers and tourists. Moreover, you can keep an eye on the port activities and on the large ferries going in and out of Hirtshals Port. From the pier, there is a good chance to catch flatfish, cod, mackerel, and garfish during the season.

Beach fishing is popular for both experienced anglers and families. Flatfish are easy to catch from the beach, and do not require advanced equipment. Even garfish are easy to catch when they come close to shore in the springtime. The beach below the Hirtshals Lighthouse is a great place to fish as the stones make stream and good places for fish to "hide".

Alternatively, you can jump aboard one of the many fishing charters and go sea fishing. Enjoy a beautiful sunrise in the company of other passionate anglers. A trip on the open sea can take you fishing along the coast, on a reef or on a wreck. The waters around Hirtshals is very wreck-rich and that means many good fishing spots and the possibility of extreme fishing on deep wrecks. You might have the luck to catch can for example cod, coalfish, lubber or catfish and halibut.

The fishing charters boat organizes trips to different fishing grounds, to the Yellow Reef and to the wrecks. Going fishing with a boat is a unique experience; you share a passion for angling and the ambience is good. Besides, if you are lucky you can bring the dinner back home.

Remember to bring valid fishing license.


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Fishing license.

You can buy the required fishing license at Hirtshals Turistbureau, Dalsagervej 1, 9850 Hirtshals

Hirtshals Indkøb

Are you short of a few things for your fishing trip?? Then visit

Hirtshals Indkøb
Vestkajen 4

- they have lots of nice things for angling!

M/S Michael Frank

Rebuilt trawler, often sails out on 6 and 8 hour trips to the reefs along the coast. 

See M/S Michael Franks website for booking.

M/S Sea Hawk

High-speed catamaran with speed up to 30 knots. Book for sea fishing, photo safaris and sightseeing etc. 

See the M/S Sea Hawks website for the many opportunities and for booking.

Star Ocean

Star Ocean sails on single day or multi-day trips from Hirtshals from early July to mid September.

See Star Oceans website for booking.

M/S Albatros

M/S Albatros 1 organize various tours from the harbor of Hirtshals.

See M/S Albatros 1s website for booking.

M/S Fio

M/S Fio sailing trips from 4, 6 hours to 21 hours with the possibility of full board.

See M/S Fios website for booking.

M/S Menakadan

M/S Menakadan goes on angling trips from Hirtshals in a very seaworthy boat.

See M/S Menakadans website for booking.