Fishing boats and fresh fish on the beach in Løkken

Fresh Fish on Løkken beach

Information about how you get fresh fish in Løkken.

Fresh Fish for you

You can buy your fresh fish directly from the fishermen at Løkken beach. They land the fish during the day - and you can sign up for a text message from the fishermen when they land the fish during the day.

On a typical day, the fish is be picked up directly on the fishing spot early in the morning and brought to the beach – fresh fish indeed. Fishing by net is the main fishing method, as it is environmentally friendly.Traditionally, inshore fishing from the beach is the Løkken way.

Sign up for an sms

Local skippers will let you know when they sell their fish and what kinds of fish they bring.

You can sign up by sending an sms to mobile number +45 53 38 10 00 with the text 'havn loekken'. You can also read more on the new website


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Get fresh fish directly on Løkken Beach from local fishermen

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All year round the wide, soft, sandy beach offers relaxation and experiences for everyone.