Amber collector hunting amber in the Top of Denmark

Finding amber in the Top of Denmark

It is cold to collect amber during winter time. But winter time is actually also the best time to go hunting for "the Danish gold" - amber. Around this season, the many heavy storms stirr up the bottom of the sea and send the amber with the waves in to the beach.

Where to find amber?

In North Jutland you have great opportunities for finding amber. You will find several great amber beaches along the long coastline. If you are lucky, you might find amber at most beaches, however the possibilities are greatest at the wide low watered beaches.

How to find amber?

Often people walk around looking for nice golden nuggets between the stones at the beach. This is not where you find amber.

When a storm and the waves have loosened the amber from the bottom of the sea, it is gathered with sticks, pieces of wood and many other things with the same specific gravity. This is called the amber stick layer and this is where you find amber. Often amber is placed on top in the layer, but when the layer is thick, it might be worth while to dig a little in the layer.

Not all amber comes in with the amber stick layer. Big amber nuggets have their own rules for coming into the beach. It is accidental when you find the huge nuggets as rule number one for their movements is that there are no rules. Here luck is th crucial factor.

When to find amber?

When the storm blows, the big waves mess up the bottom of the sea and moves the loosened material, e.g. amber. As long as the stormy weather is there, the material cannot reach the beach. Once the sea calms down after a storm, the amber is deposited on the beach. 

As most of the heavy storms come during winter time, this time of year is best if you want to try your luck as amber collectors.

Find amber in the morning

The chance of finding amber is greatest in the morning - before all the amber collectors appear. Of course you might also find amber in the middle of the day, but then there will also be many takers.

What does amber look like?

If you are as lucky as to find amber, it is actually very easy to tell apart from stone. Amber is light and weighs only one third of a stone. Amber has a hollow sound, and if you carefully puts the amber against your teeth, it sounds hollow. Stones always feel colder than amber, and amber is soft. With a stone you can scratch in amber and small splinters will come off. This is not possible with stones. Finally amber can burn with a red sootening flame. This is why amber is also called "burnstone" in Swedish and German. Futhermore, amber becomes electrical when rubbed - and the word " electricity" is actually the greek word for amber, electron!

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