Candlers in the Top of Denmark

At the various candlers in the Top of Denmark, genuine hand-moulded and hand-dipped candles are made. See how the candles are made according to ancient traditions and follow the fascinating process in which the candle changes form from a liquid mass to the finished article.

Nostalgia and story-telling

For many hundreds of years, candles have provided illumination. The candle can be traced a long way back in history.

In Denmark the earliest find of wax candles is from the Viking Age. It wasn't until the beginning of the 19th century when first the oil lamp, then the paraffin lamp, the gas lamp and finally electric light became commonplace, that wax and tallow candles began to lose their importance.

The wax candles were made of beeswax. These wax candles were very expensive and were therefore only used by the wealthiest section of the population. Tallow candles, which were made of the fat (tallow) from either sheep or oxen, were more common, but were still regarded as valuable.

We gather around the light

When the sun had set and daylight had given way to darkness, the family and servants gathered around the single candle in the living room. Wool was teased and spun, clothes were sewn and knitted, tools were repaired, and songs were sung and stories told – one "cock-and-bull" story after the other. The candle gathered people together and established a sense of community.

Even today the candle holds an attraction for us – where the light still causes people to gather round. The candle is characteristic of a cosy atmosphere and an enjoyable time spent together.

Old traditions upheld

At the candlers' in the Land of Light, candles are produced according to old traditions. The candles are dipped in large vats full of paraffin wax, wax or candle wax. Each time they are dipped, a small amount of paraffin sticks to the wick.

After cooling down for a couple of minutes, the wick is dipped once more. This process is repeated until the candles have the correct thickness. Candles for Christmas trees are dipped around 22 times, a normal candle for a candlestick is dipped 35 times and thick decorative candles are dipped around 70 times. Follow the fascinating process starting with the vat of liquid wax until the candle is in its finished state.

Place the candles on the table or in the window and enjoy the attractive sight. Let the candles light up dark winter evenings to provide a really cosy atmosphere at home.

For patient souls...

It's also possible to "dip" your own candle. Give the candles your own personal touch – choose the colours and shape of the candle yourself.

Dipping your own candles is extremely soothing for the soul. Experience the slow process and enjoy the peace and quiet as the candles are dipped into the large vat of candle wax.

Dipping candles can also be an activity for the whole family, where everyone is involved in the process. A personal hand-dipped candle also makes an excellent gift.

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Dipping candles

You have the chance to dip your own candles and thus give each candle its own distinctive identity. When you get home, the candles ensure a cosy atmosphere on dark winter evenings, as well as bringing back happy memories.

Light's power to attract

Even today the candle has the power to attract us – where the light still causes people to gather round. The candle is characteristic of a cosy atmosphere and time spent together.

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