Blue Flag at Lyngså beach near Sæby

Beaches and lots of flags

The 200 kilometres of beaches, coasts and seas in the Top of Denmark contain a veritable treasure trove of great attractions. Several of the beaches have been awarded the "Blue Flag".

The Top of Denmark's 150 km beaches, coasts and sea offers a veritable treasure trove of fun experiences. The Flags along the shore are a guarantee of quality for the beaches and the guests.
When you visit the beaches in the Top of Denmark, you are guaranteed clean water and clean sand beaches. In 2015 chose Hjørring Municipality, to replace the well-known blue flag with a new one - "The White Bathing Flag". There has not eased the rules for the new flag and bathing water analysis, cleaning of toilets and waste collection, is still a high priority . 

A Blue Flag Beach is characterised by:
(applicable in the period 5 June – 15 September)

It is clean and is inspected regularly, has waste sorting, has clean bathing water and up-to-date information about the quality of the water.

- There are clean toilet facilities.

- There's life-saving equipment, a first aid box and a telephone.

About the Blue Flag campagne

The white bathing flag is an alternative to the Blue Flag campaign. The areas that allows cars and dogs on the beaches, now have the white bathing flag.

The white Bathing Flag characterized by :
( Valid June 1 to September 15 )

- That it is clean, regularly inspected, and waste disposal
- That it has clean water and information about the current water quality
- That there are clean toilet facilities
- That there is life saving equipment, first aid kit and phone
- The dogs are allowed to swim and stay on the beach -  dog must however be on a leash from April to September.
- That driving is allowed, but you must comply with the applicable rules on the spot.

150 km of clean beaches

The municipal authorities of Hjørring and Frederikshavn have decided to apply particular focus to keeping the beaches clean - all year round:

1 November - 31 March:
The beaches are inspected once a month and significant waste is removed as long as the elements allow it.

1 April - 31 October:
The beaches are cleaned at least twice a month.

5. juni - 15. september: 
On Blue Flag beaches: The beaches are kept free of waste, and facilities such as toilets, emergency telephone and life-saving equipment are available.

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Beach numbers

Note the small green signs on which beach numbers are written located at the edge of the dune - use this number in an emergency. If the rescue services are given the number, they know exactly where the incident has taken place, thus reducing the risk of precious time being wasted taking the wrong route.

More about beach numbers

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