Be ring-marked and go flying

When you visit Skagen Grey Lighthouse - Centre for migratory birds you are ring-marked just like a bird. At the center you have a choice of ten different species. Once you have chosen your bird and put on your bracelet, you are on your way to follow your birds migrating pattern near Skagen.

Blåmejse   Fiskeørn af Knud Pedersen


The Bluetit is a rather small tit. Seen near Skagen all year. Flocks can be seen migrating in March/April.


The Osprey is a bird of prey. Seen migrating near Skagen in April/May.

Size: 10,5 - 20 cms
Wingspan: 17,5 - 20 cms


Size: 52 - 60 cms
Wingspan: 155 - 170 cms

Fuglekonge af Knud Pedersen   Landsvale


The Goldcrest is the smallest bird in Europe. Seen near Skagen early spring and in the autumn.

Barn Swallow

The Barn Swallow is the most common swallow. Seen near Skagen in April/May. Common in the summer.

Size: 8,5 - 9,5 cms
Wingspan: 13,5 - 15,5 cms


Size: 17 - 21 cms
Wingspan: 32 - 34,5 cms

Sandløber af Knud Pedersen   Splitterne


The Sanderling is a wading bird. Seen near Skagen from late summer, in the autumn and winter.

Sandwich Tern

The Sandwich Tern is a medium sized tern. Seen near Skagen in April/August.

Size: 18 - 21 cms
Wingspan: 40 - 45 cms


Size: 37 - 43 cms
Wingspan: 85 - 87 cms

Steppehøg   Sule af Knud Pedersen

Pallid Harrier

The Pallid Harrier is a bird of prey. Seen migrating near Skagen in April/May.


The Gannet is a marine bird. Seen near Skagen all year, flocks are seen in October.

Size: 40 - 50 cms
Wingspan: 97 - 118 cms


Size: 85 - 97 cms
Wingspan: 170 - 192 cms

Trane af Knud Pedersen   Vandrefalk


The Crane is one of the largest birds in Europe. The local breeding pairs are seen near Skagen in March/October.

Peregrine Falcon

The Peregrine Falcon is a bird of prey, and the fastest bird in the world. Seen migrating near Skagen in April/May.

Size: 96 - 119 cms
Wingspan: 180 - 222 cms


Size: 38 - 51 cms
Wingspan: 89 - 113 cms

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