Arts and crafts in the Top of Denmark

For generations the special light in the Top of Denmark has attracted countless artists, and thus you can experience the many facets of arts and crafts throughout the region.

See arts and crafts in the Top of Denmark

Many years ago the artists were inspired by the special light in Skagen, and also today the light in the Top of Denmark is special to the artists and craftsmen in the region. The Land of Light is known for the variety of craftsmen working with many different materials such as amber, pottery, and glass. Visit one of the craftsmen and see their art. Often you will meet the artist himself and get a chance to hear about his art and inspiration.

Experience art forms such as the below mentioned in the Top of Denmark.


There's a wide range of arts and crafts available at galleries in the region, where art can be experienced in all types of material: bronze, granite, paintings, jewellery, wood and paper.

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Glass art

Experience glass-blowing workshops and visit the galleries in which glass is exhibited in all shapes and sizes.

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Wonderful figures, unique jugs, beautiful cups and special bowls – all produced in pottery - can be seen and enjoyed at any one of the many different potteries.

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Candlelight is the essence of a particular cosy atmosphere characteristic of the Danes. Find the candles at a chandler's or dip your own candle.

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Visit an amber polisher. Hear about the history of amber and perhaps also how you can go about finding it.

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Bring home a memory

In many galleries and at many craftsmen's workshops you can buy arts and crafts when visiting. In this you can bring a unique life-long memory home.

Find galleries

Look throught the different galleries in the Top of Denmark and find inspiration for a visit.

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Find craftsmen

Would you like to visit a craftsman during your holidays? Find a selection of craftsmen in the Top of Denmark and choose your favorites. Maybe you would like to visit an amber polisher, a glass-blowing workshop or ?

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