4 great experiences for children

When the kids are having fun, parents will enjoy their holiday even more. And it’s even better if the whole family can have fun together. There are plenty of opportunities to do so in North Jutland.

- Amongst the world’s great animal species in Aalborg Zoo

- If you go down to the woods today...and visit Fårup Sommerland

- Family fun by the North Sea in Skallerup Seaside Resort

- Come and see the world of fish in Nordsøen Oceanarium

The North Sea Oceanarium

The North Sea Oceanarium

The sea is mysterious and dangerous, but also exciting.

At Nordsøen Oceanarium in Hirtshals you can get very close to the tremendous amount of activity beneath the surface of the waves.

Visit Fårup Sommerland

If you wish to put a great big smile on the faces of your kids, then take them to Fårup Sommerland. There are plenty of activities for both young and old alike in the amusement park, which in both 2015 and 2016 could proudly proclaim itself Europe’s second-best theme park.

Skallerup Seaside Resort

Take the family to Skallerup Seaside Resort and stay in the countryside close to the North Sea. The holiday resort is open 365 days a year and offers a wide variety of activities for the whole family.

Aalborg Zoo

On a visit to Aalborg Zoo you’ll meet chimpanzees, polar bears and impressive elephants. Aalborg Zoo is home to more than 100 different species, and you have the opportunity to see how they live at any time of the year.