Skagen Grey Lighthouse

Skagen is a unique place for migratory birds from around the world

The new international bird adventurecenter: Skagen Grey Lighthouse - Centre for migratory birds, opened in May 2017.

In the new center, you can take a virtual tour to discover and experience the many exciting migratory birds that each year guest Skagen and the surrounding areas.

Skagen Grey Lighthouse has long been a popular place to visit for the nearly 2 million guests that annually travel to Skagen.

Not only tourists flock to the top of Denmark - Grenen, the area is also hot spot for many migratory birds and is one of Europe's best bird migration sites.

You can expect a great experience!

Skagen Grey Lighthouse - Centre for migatory birds

Migratory birds in virtual flight

Visit the Center for migratory birds, and enjoy the virtual flight, where the birds travel thousands of kilometers from their home to their breding grounds in the north.

Bliv ringmærket som din egen fugl

Get yourself ring-marked with a bracelet

You get to choose which bird you want to be, and the you 'go flying' off in the path of your chosen bird as it migrates near Skagen. You have ten different species to choose from. 

Sandløber - fotograf Knud Pedersen

Migrating birds

Every year millions of birds pass Skagen, on the way to and from their breeding grounds in northern Scandinavia. Particularly known are the birds of prey that migrate every spring, but many other species also fly past - enjoy the spectacular sight from the top of Skagen Gray Lighthouse.
Læs om Det Grå Fyrs spændende historie

The story of Skagen Grey Lighthouse

Dets officielle navn var Skagen Fyr, men de lokale har altid sagt 'Det Grå Fyr'. Fyranlægget, der er 46 m højt blev opført i 1858, gjorde skibenes passage forbi Skagen mere sikker. Oprindeligt var det placeret midt på Skagen Odde, men sandflugten har nu 'flyttet' det til få meter fra havet på østkysten. 
Experience Grenensporet in Skagen

Try the tracks 'Grenensporet'

The nature at the very top of Denmark - Grenen - is very special. Follw one of the marked tracks round the area, and learn more of the plants and the wildlife. You have four tracks to choose from.

Enjoy the unique nature in Skagen and the surroundings

Out and about in the nature near Skagen

The nature in and near Skagen is truly unigue. From the very top, where Denmark ends and the two seas meet, to Skagen Grey Lighthouse you are spoiled for choice of things to do out in the open.