Sightseeing and guided tours in Skagen - Frederikshavn - Sæby

Get the feel of our beautiful area and join a guided tour of either Skagen, Frederikshavn or Sæby - or why not - all three cities. You can either join one of the pre-arranged tours, or you can visit the local Tourist Office and ask for a personal tour, if you are looking for something special just for you.


Guided tours in the Skagen Area

On a guided tour along the harbour and through the old parts of Skagen - You will hear the story of the artist colony, traditions in Skagen and  the special architecture.

For ordering a tour in english and for more information - please contact the touristoffice.

Hirtshals Havn

Port of Hirtshals

The port of Hirtshals

The port of Hirtshals was construted between 1919 and 1931 under the leadership of engineer Jørgen Fibiger, and extended in 1966.

The port is the setting for an important business in fisheries, transport and fish processing, and is today one of Denmark's largest fishing harbours. A part of the port is closed to the public, but you can still walk around to see the boats land their fish.

events in Hirtshals

Top Activitites in Hirtshals & Tversted

There are many opportunities for fun and exciting experiences when you come on holiday in Hirtshals and Tversted. Do not miss the Northern Europe's largest aquarium; North Sea Oceanarium. Climb up the 144 steps to the top of Hirtshals Lighthouse and enjoy the view over the city and the sea. Meet the cute animals at Fun Park-Hirtshals. Discover the majestic birds at close range in Eagleworld in Tversted or watch the busy activities at Hirtshals Harbor.

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