Jernkilden i Sæby

Museums and sights in and around Sæby

In the oldest part of the city you can see the watermill, and in Algade you'll find Sæby Museum where you can dive into the history of this charming place. When visiting the Amber Shop, take time to stop at the museum part as well, here you'll see ancient amber jewellery, some stemming all the back to the earliest dwellers.

Museums and other sights

Do you like stories from the good old days and all kinds of folklore, then you'll like the choice we are presenting here.

Details in paintings - the Top of Denmark

Arts and Crafts Week in the Top of Denmark

Visit the Top of Denmark for the Arts and Crafts Week and experience unique and different art at the many art events with different arts.

Meet the local, colourful artists and craftsmen in their workshops and ateliers and get insights in the creating process. Try to work creatively yourself with glass art, photo collages and ceramics or make your own juwellery. Get new inspiration.


Museums and sights in Skagen

Why is Skagen such a special destination and what is the root of its unique atmosphere? Part of the answer to these questions can certainly be found in the museums!

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