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Welcome to Turisthus Nord

In 2013 the three tourism associations of Skagen, Frederikshavn and Sæby merged to form just one association called Turisthus North.

With all forces assembled in Turisthus North, we have a strong organization and an even stronger collaboration platform across the three . Our primary goal is to profile and market Skagen, Frederikshavn and Sæby both in Denmark and abroad to bring more tourists to our lovely area.

The Tourist Office in each city is open all year, ready to serve guests in the best way, and we always have the time for a good talk about the sights and attractions in the area.

In order to lift tourism in Skagen, Frederikshavn and Sæby, Turisthus North co-operates with both the local business operators as well as the tourist organisations VisitNordjylland, Top of Denmark and VisitDenmark. We will also follow the latest statistics and trends in the field of tourism at home and abroad.

We have a number of highly specialised departments who work year round to promote tourism:

The Projects Department - facilitates and coordinates events such as Skagen Winter swimming Festival, Sæby Jazz Festival, Skagen Marathon, Winter Days etc.

The Conference Department - facilitates large and small conferences / meetings, group tours, guided tours and walks, children's guides, etc.

The Press Department - responsible for all media and press relations, press visits, communication, research etc.

The Marketing Department - responsible for all marketing both online and in print media as well as the graphic layout of advertisements and posters.

The Online Department - responsible for all communication and presentation on our website, Facebook and Instagram.

The Holiday Department - responsible for holiday rentals in Skagen, Frederikshavn and Sæby

The Service Department -  makes sure no tourist leave any of the offices with unanswered queistions, sells tickets, updates What to do amd much more.

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Our logo

Turisthus Nord

Our logo is inspired by the maritime history of the whole area, from the first fishing by hand to modern days commercial and industrial fishing, from Tordenskiolds naval fleet to the present Naval Base.

With this in mind, our logo illustrates a sail with the red and white colours of Dannebrog, blowing at full speed. The sail is shaped with three corners in accordance with the three destinations - Skagen, Frederikshavn and Sæby who span wide and join forces.

Contact us

Turisthus Nord have offices in Frederikshavn, Sæby and Skagen. 

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Become a member of Turisthus Nord

Become a member today!
Turisthus Nord serves three purposes:

• As the main organisation for the Municipality of Frederikshavn where tourisme is concerned

• Service organisation for all tourists

• Marketing channel for local business

Working together is the way forward - we need you and your ideas for us all to succeed!

>> Here's how to become a member of Turisthus Nord

Working at Turisthus Nord

Would you like to work for Turisthus Nord, please mail us an application. 

Please contact:

Anne-Grethe Kramme
Tlf. 38 41 72 17/ 22 39 42 66

Mail: agk@turisthusnord.dk

Trainee at Turisthus Nord

It is very beneficial for both parts to employ trainees and interns at Turishus Nord. We work with an exciting multitude of jobs spanning from Service, Projects, Online, Events, Marketing, Holiday Rentals, Press and Print.

Are you interested in becoming a trainee?  

Please contact

Anne-Grethe Kramme
Tlf. 38 41 72 17/ 22 39 42 66

Mail: agk@turisthusnord.dk