Part of Løkken's history

Art, culture and history of Løkken

Taking a stroll along the beach, in the sand dunes or in the streets, you will experience much of Løkken’s history first hand. Løkken Museum and Kystfiskerimuseet (Løkken Museum, Museum of Inshore Fishing) and Løkken Billedesamling (Collection of Paintings) in Løkken will take you into the story of the city.

Winter near Rubjerg, Lønstrup

Events during your winter holiday in the Top of Denmark

Spend your winter holidays in the Top of Denmark and participate in interesting events for children as well as adults. Music, interesting stories and culturel experiences. Small and big events for all ages. Visit the Top of Denmark and enjoy the winter days.

Fun events for kids with the theme recycling

Hirtshals Havn anno 1953

Historical Hirtshals

Hirtshals and area's history goes back a long time. There has been people living in the area since the end of the ice age as it is prouved by the dolmen in Tornby. Today there are approx. 6000 habitans in Hirtshals and the harbour is one of Denmark's largest fishing port.

Churches in Hjørring and the surrounding area

When you go for a drive in the countryside, you will see many churches - both in the towns and in the countryside. If you visit one or more of them, you will experience lovely frescos and beautifully decorated churches. You can find the churches in Hjørring, Astrup, Sindal, Tolne, Mosbjerg, Hørmested, Lendum, Bjergby, Mygdal  and Uggerby.


Vendsyssel Kunstmuseum

Museums in Hjørring

Exhibitions, city walks, talks and much more. The museums in Hjørring offer a wealth of exciting activities all year round. Experience the interesting history of Hjørring and the art at close range.  


Attractions in Frederikshavn

Bangsbo has a range of exciting experiences

At the museum you’ll be taken on an exciting historical journey stretching from the Bronze Age and up to the present day. The Ellingå ship and the resistance museum are particularly worth a visit.

Bangsbo Hovedgaard

The Bangsbo area

In the southern outskirts of Frederikshavn lies an oasis consisting of the estate at Herregården Bangsbo surrounded by beautiful countryside and several different attractions. The point of departure is the old manor house, Bangsbo Hovedgård, the moats of which run down to the stream of Bangsbo å, which meanders throughout the whole area.

Learn more about the History of Løkken

- from events and attractions in the Løkken area.

Attractions in Frederikshavn

Bangsbo byder på spændende oplevelser