Part of Løkken's history

Art, culture and history of Løkken

Taking a stroll along the beach, in the sand dunes or in the streets, you will experience much of Løkken’s history first hand. Løkken Museum and Kystfiskerimuseet (Løkken Museum, Museum of Inshore Fishing) and Løkken Billedesamling (Collection of Paintings) in Løkken will take you into the story of the city.

Museums and other sights

Do you like stories from the good old days and all kinds of folklore, then you'll like the choice we are presenting here.

Art galleries and crafts

In both Skagen and Sæby you'll find a large number of galleries, workshops and boutiques. The shops have a varied selection and you'll often find the artists at work.

Familie 1983, Hanne Varming. Hjørring Bronze

Art in the open air

Fountains in Sindal

Since 1990 there has been built about 100 fountains in Sindal.

Greetings from the past

Art exhibitions in "Toppen af Danmark"

Spring and Easter is also time for art exhibitions, craftsmanship and exhibition previews at galleries. Especially during spring you will find interesting events at the art museums in the Top of Denmark inviting you into the world of art. Enjoy a spring break or the Easter holidays in the Land of Light.

More about spring and Easter in the Top of Denmark

Stenhuggere i Lønstrup

Stone sculptors in Lønstrup

Stone carving artists in Lønstrup

Smykkekunstnere i Lønstrup

Jewellery artists in Lønstrup

You can admire the jewellery artist's incredible precision when precious stones are carefully laid in place on a brooch.

Gallerier i Lønstrup

Galleries in Lønstrup

Lønstrup has a wide selection of exciting galleries.

Glaspuste i Lønstrup - Vennebjerg

Glass blowers in Lønstrup - Vennebjerg

Come and see how the red-hot glass is shaped by the glass blower's tongs and pipe until it takes the form of a beautiful beer glass.

Attractions in Frederikshavn

Bangsbo has a range of exciting experiences

At the museum you’ll be taken on an exciting historical journey stretching from the Bronze Age and up to the present day. The Ellingå ship and the resistance museum are particularly worth a visit.

Details in paintings - the Top of Denmark

Arts and Crafts Week in the Top of Denmark

Visit the Top of Denmark for the Arts and Crafts Week and experience unique and different art at the many art events with different arts.

Meet the local, colourful artists and craftsmen in their workshops and ateliers and get insights in the creating process. Try to work creatively yourself with glass art, photo collages and ceramics or make your own juwellery. Get new inspiration.

Attractions in Frederikshavn

Bangsbo byder på spændende oplevelser


Galleries and workshops in Skagen

It´s almost impossible to walk through Skagen on a summer´s day without meeting them - painters, poets, actors and a wide variety of other artists. Skagen continues to provide inspiration through its light, its landscapes and its unique atmosphere.


Museums and sights in Skagen

Why is Skagen such a special destination and what is the root of its unique atmosphere? Part of the answer to these questions can certainly be found in the museums!