Denmark's northernmost point where the 2 seas the Skagerrak and Kattegat meet. It is a fascinating experience to stand on the tip of Jutland and the European mainland and watch the waves from the two seas beat together and break the Skaw Reef.

But be careful and be aware that due to the very strong current it is strictly forbidden to bathe here - it is very dangerous.

A compass in the sand hill directly south of the tip of Grenen shows that it actually points east.

Enjoy the area's seals which have completely become accustomed to tourists and often rest on the beach in the middle of people crowd or bunkers in the water.

From the parking area you can from Easter through week 43 run with "Sandormen" on Your way to "Grenen". "Sandormen" has been running tourists to Grenen for over 50 years.
Guests who choose to go by themselves, will east of the museum be passing poet and painter Holger Drachmann´s grave in the dunes.

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Longitude : 10.648851407
Latitude : 57.743883537