Stenhuggere i Lønstrup

Stone sculptors in Lønstrup

Stone carving artists in Lønstrup

Smykkekunstnere i Lønstrup

Jewellery artists in Lønstrup

You can admire the jewellery artist's incredible precision when precious stones are carefully laid in place on a brooch.

Gallerier i Lønstrup

Galleries in Lønstrup

Lønstrup has a wide selection of exciting galleries.

Keramik i Lønstrup

Pottery in Lønstrup

You can follow the transformation of the clay on the potter's wheel from a shapeless lump to an attractive bowl at close quarters.

Øvrig overnatning

Other accommodation in Lønstrup

You will find a range of other accommodation in Lønstrup here.

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Lønstrup - The Village by the Sea


Lønstrup's main street is called Strandvejen. It winds its way a couple of kilometers behind the dune facing out onto the sea. There's often shelter here from the wind that blows op on the hill.

Rubjerg Knude – climb to the top of the lighthouse!

At 10 places in Denmark, Realdania and the Danish Nature Agency have created new and better access to unique areas of countryside. One of these is Rubjerg Knude, where it’s once again possible to climb to the top of the lighthouse partly buried in the sand.

Mårup Kirke

Mårup Kirke

Immediately south of Lønstrup is Mårup Kirke, which is threatened with collapse into the sea. When the church was built in the 13th century, there were a couple of kilometres to the coast. Since that time, erosion has inexorably gnawed away at the cliff, and now there are just 10 metres between the church and its doom.

The outer part of the churchyard has already disappeared down the cliff.

in Lønstrup

Dinner in Lønstrup

Get your dinner on one of Lønstrups great dinnerplaces.