Private accommodation in Løkken

A selection of rooms and apartments available, when you wish to stay for less than a week. 

Family vacation - 3 happy kids

Fun for kids in Løkken

See the attractions and activities for kids in Løkken

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Transport to Løkken

By Bus

There are good connections by bus to Løkken from Aalborg and Hjørring. In summertime, the busses named 'Skagerakkeren' and ' Rødspætten' can take you round the countryside. For instance, you can go to Skagen or Fårup Sommerland, our popular amusement park. 

Part of Løkken's history

Art, culture and history of Løkken

Taking a stroll along the beach, in the sand dunes or in the streets, you will experience much of Løkken’s history first hand. Løkken Museum and Kystfiskerimuseet (Løkken Museum, Museum of Inshore Fishing) and Løkken Billedesamling (Collection of Paintings) in Løkken will take you into the story of the city.

The Løkken Concert - here with Rasmus Seebach

Music in Løkken

You will find a wide range of concerts in Løkken, from church concerts to a concert festival in a football field!

Musik på Torvet 2012

Links for music experiences in Løkken

Music in Løkken is so much more than the Løkken Concert alone. 

In "Kulturhus Løkken Strand", in the churches and galleries, at bars and discos you will find concerts of all kinds. 

We want to give you inspiration to places where you can hear and experience music in Løkken. 

Learn more about the History of Løkken

- from events and attractions in the Løkken area.