Hjørring Gl Bydel
MTB Hjørring

What to do in Hjørring?

If you feel like shopping, visiting a café or experiencing some culture, the area has an enormous ammount to offer. Throughout the year many exciting events take place, both large and small all stemming from the local community.

Shopping in Hjørring

Hjørring is the largest commercial town in Vendsyssel. Here you will find quaint pedestrian precincts, a host of supermarkets and shops and a large shopping centre situated right in the middle of Hjørring.

Family fun in Hjørring

There are lots of fun activities for the whole family in Hjørring.

Historical Hjørring

The town of Hjørring oozes with history. The area surrounding the street Nørregade is the oldest part of Hjørring. Here you will still find old buildi...

Cultural experiences in Hjørring

You can always get a cultural experience in Hjørring. The whole area has a rich culture environment, where both the culture institutions and committed...

Museums in Hjørring

Exhibitions, city walks, talks and much more. The museums in Hjørring offer a wealth of exciting activities all year round. Experience the interesting...

Arts and crafts in Hjørring

The area has a variety of artists and artisans and you can have the opportunity to visit both established artists and up coming talents, who will gladly invite you inside to learn more of their arts and crafts.

Art in the open air in Hjørring

Outdoor sculptures and work of arts accompanied the urban environment in Hjørring and Sindal. You can see beautiful pieces of art everywhere and get inspired by the exciting sculptures.

Churches in Hjørring

When you go for a drive in the countryside, you will see many churches - both in the towns and in the countryside. If you visit one or more of them, you will experience lovely frescos and beautifully decorated churches.

Experience Sindal

Welcome to Sindal - The meaning of Sindal is ”the sun valley”. Here you will find an idyllic country life, surrounded by beautiful nature scenes, perfect for an active vacation, hiking, biking, fishing, golfing or going for some sailing in a canoe.

Nature walks in Hjørring

In the Hjørring area there are plenty of opportunities for cycling, running, riding or hiking in the green. There are a number of different trails and...

Out in nature - in Hjørring and the surrounding area

Around Hjørring and Sindal there are plenty of nature areas where you can stroll or enjoy the picnic basket.

Gardens and Parks in the heart of Hjørring

Garden and parks - they exist around the city. Some of them invite you to relax and enjoy life and other has green areas with concerts, music and atmo...

Experience Tolne

Tolne means ”The road by the grassy sloaps” and you are sure to gain great experience in the nature surrounding Tolne. When you are on vacation in the...