Hjørring Gl Bydel
MTB Hjørring

What to do in Hjørring?

If you feel like shopping, visiting a café or experiencing some culture, the area has an enormous ammount to offer. Throughout the year many exciting events take place, both large and small all stemming from the local community.

Shopping in Hjørring

Hjørring is the largest commercial town in Vendsyssel. Here you will find quaint pedestrian precincts, a host of supermarkets and shops and a large shopping centre situated right in the middle of Hjørring.

Family fun in Hjørring

Fun activities for the whole family

Historical Hjørring

Discover churches and museums as well as the old town of Hjørring.

Cultural experiences in Hjørring

Experience the many exciting, cultural events.

Museums in Hjørring

Hjørring has many exciting museums and exhibitions.

Arts and crafts in Hjørring

Discover the art and the many craftsmen in Hjørring.

Art in the open air in Hjørring

Discover the beautiful works of art and sculptures outdoor.

Churches in Hjørring

As you tour the countryside you will meet many churches.

Experience Sindal

Welcome to Sindal - The meaning of Sindal is ”the sun valley”. Here you will find an idyllic country life, surrounded by beautiful nature scenes, perfect for an active vacation, hiking, biking, fishing, golfing or going for some sailing in a canoe.

Nature walks in Hjørring

Get inspiration for your next trip in nature.

Out in nature - in Hjørring and the surrounding area

The entire area has a beautiful landscape and a vigorous nature.

Gardens and Parks in the heart of Hjørring

Welcome to Hjørring where you will find lots af gardens and parks.

Experience Tolne

Tolne is rich in nature experiences.

Events in Hjørring

Photo: Toppen af Danmark