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Sindal Kanoudlejning

Experience Sindal

Welcome to Sindal - The meaning of Sindal is ”the sun valley”. Here you will find an idyllic country life, surrounded by beautiful nature scenes, perfect for an active vacation, hiking, biking, fishing, golfing or going for some sailing in a canoe.

In the hearth of Vendsyssel, you will find Sindal. Here you are sure to have experiences for all members of the family. There are old manor houses, beautiful churches, woodlands and artists working with their crafts. And the shores are not fare away, with their sandy white beach.


In Sindal you will find a number of beautiful fountains created by different artists. “Jubilæumsvandkunsten” placed in the roundabout, was designed and bestowed to the town, in honor of their 125th year jubilee in 1996. The sculpture represents Sindal as the sun valley in Vendsyssel between ocean and nature.


Sindal Golf Club is one of the most beautiful and most challenging golf courses in Denmark. The golf course is adapted into the landscape, and you will find it challenging, no matter what level of handicap you play by. At the club it is also possible to purchase food and beverages

Sindal golf

Art & Culture

In Sindal you find Gøgsigs Pakhus, originally a merchant warehouse, now it functions as a culture gallery and during the summertime there are changing exhibitions. In Glasstuen by Karen Horsholt, you will be charmed by the glass art, which comes in many different shapes and sizes. During the year, Karen host different workshops in her gallery, where the little ones, can try the craft of slumping glass, all free of charge.

Høstdag i Mosbjerg

Landscape and Agriculture Museum, Mosbjerg

In Mosbjerg lies The Landscape and Agriculture Museum, a living and working museum. Here you will experience life in the country, as it was back in the good old days, before television and smartphones. During the year there are many activities; sheep day in Mosbjerg, Harvest and ironage day, potato day and much more.

Slotved Skov 

Slotved Skov consists of 200 hectares of nature areas, farming grounds and old deciduous forest. In this uneven area you will find untouched forest and fenced areas with deers and many different plants, insects, birds and fungus. The many ancient monuments; hollow paths and long barrows bears witness to the life which was many years ago. In the near future there will be established a picnic area, campfire and MTB trails.

Uggerby Å

At the creek you can enjoy such activities as canoeing, fishing and participating in Uggerby Å cup. The creek is named after the town of Uggerby, where the creek passes by on its way. At Sindal Camping it is possible to rent canoes from the 1st of April to the 20th of September. The 2nd weekend of September the annual Uggerby Å Cup is held. Here you can compete against other anglers in the fishing competition.

Manor Houses

Four manor houses are located close by Sindal. Baggesvogn is 5 km northwest of Sindal and its history can be traced back to the 1500th century. Bøgsted Herregård lies in an undulating‎ woodlands area and has been a manor house since the 1500th century. Eskjær Hovedgård lies just north of Mosbjerg and in the 1400th century it was a noble manor house. Høgholt manor house is located just west of Hørmested. The first written material mentioning Høgholt is from 1340, when it was just a farmhouse. Around 1550 the farm was converted into a manor house. There is no public access to the manor houses, but it is possible to visit the woods in Bøgsted and walk the trails of Baggesvogn Skov.