Toppen af Danmark
Hannevarming Familie skulptur

Art in the open air in Hjørring

Outdoor sculptures and work of arts accompanied the urban environment in Hjørring and Sindal. You can see beautiful pieces of art everywhere and get inspired by the exciting sculptures.

Fountains in Sindal

Since 1990 there has been built about 100 fountains in Sindal.

Greetings from the past

Water art by Kirsten Jensen with a beautiful harmony between stone and water. The art is placed by the library

The trusted talents

The water art at Nørre Torv ”De fem hermer” is made by Niels Heledie who is known from his church art.  

Water art of anniversary

The local designer an artist Niels Chr. Bach has designed the water art to the cities 125 years of anniversary in 1996. The water art represent Sindal as a soldier in Vendsyssel between ocean and nature. The fountain "Jubilæumsvandkunst" was in 2007 elected as the most beautifull fountain in Northern Jutland.

Stairs of water

A troll-like stairs of water made by Irené and Per Frøsig.