Hjørring Kro
Overnatning Hjørring

Accomodation in Hjørring

In the area of Hjørring you will find hotels, inns, hostel and camping sites along with several private accomodation offerings, all of your choice.

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Hotels and Inns in Hjørring

Stay at the atmospheric hotels or inns in the Hjørring area. In Hjørring city center, you will find hotels within easy walking distance to cultural experiences. On the outskirts of Hjørring and in the smaller towns of Tårs and Sindal, you can spend the night in cozy hotels and inns.

Camping sites in Hjørring

Go camping near the city or right in the middle of nature.

Private accommodation in Hjørring

Find the many opportunities for private accommodation in Hjørring.

Nature camp sites

If you like experiences in the free north nature then visit one of our popular nature camp sites.

Sports centers and accomodation in Hjørring

In Hjørring and the surrounding area there are two great sports centers with good facilities and accommodation.

Places to eat in Hjørring

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