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Shopping i Hirtshals

Shopping in Hirtshals

In Hirtshals, specialty shops are located side-by-side with restaurants and cafes in the city center. 

In the city's pedestrian zone, you will find large and small shops with everything in clothing, shoes, sports, crafts, beauty and much more. 
In the shops you will experience good service and friendly staff who are always ready to help and guide you.

Spend a day in the city center and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. 
It is easy to spend a whole day in Hirtshals, where you can be tempted in the many shops, and where you can enjoy the city's cafes and outdoor dining. 
Enjoy a summer day of shopping and get a delicious lunch along the way.

From the city center, it is only a short stroll to the town beach, Husmoderstranden. 
A day of shopping in Hirtshals can easily be combined with a relaxing walk in the water's edge.

The town has a wide selection of supermarkets, where you can meet the local merchants. 
In the city's supermarkets you will experience good service and high quality. Many places offer a large selection of locally produced goods.

See which stores the city has in the map below. Read more about the stores' selection and opening hours.

Shops in Hirtshals