Skovvejen i Kjul

Dune plantations in Hirtshals, Tornby & Tversted

Photo: Hirtshals Turistbureau

Enjoy the wonderfull nature which are located by Hirtshals, Tornby & Tversted. Here you will find large dune plantation with lots of room for active holiday.

The landscape stretches along the coast and changes from wooden areas to a dry moor landscape. Here the beautiful and broad beaches appear.

In the dune plantations you will find riding paths, bike paths, hiking routes, mountain bike trails, orienteering tracks and dog parks. The nature invites everyone to spend and active holiday in the nature for the whole family.

The nature is generous with its resources and the area is filled will beautiful ingredients. Throughout the year the nature invites you to collect sweet berries and tasteful mushrooms.

Many of the dune plantations has established shelters and camp grounds. Here you can spend a night under the open sky and wake up to the fresh air and the sounds of the nature in the morning.