Toppen af Danmark
Solnedgang i Tversted

Vacation in Tversted

Tversted is a small peacefull town with a large holiday home area close to Tannisbugten.

The wide beach in Tversted have room for everyone! The children are playing in the edge of the ocean and in the dunes. The dogs are welcomed to cool down in the fresh ocean. The cars are parked in many rows and from late June to the middle of august, Trygfondens watchtowers ensures safety by guarding the beaches.

Tversted is the essence of a bathing holiday with long walks in the nice village. Here you can shop for artworks and enjoy a refreshment in the city cafes. In the nearby area of Tversted many antique stores are located where you can be lucky to find something special.

The dune plantation of Tversted is the oldest dune plantation of the northern part of Denmark. The area around Tversted is a lovely recreational area, especially the lakes of Tversted. In the dune plantation you can sleep in shelters, enjoy the view from the watchtower and let the children play at the big nature playground. You are welcome to bring your own food and enjoy it at the lunch house or by the grill area. A little bit east of the dune plantation in “Østerklit” is the roof mill, which is the last functional roof mill of Denmark.

A little bit further east one of the largest attractions is located, Eagle World. Here you can experience the large and beautiful predators interacting with their falconers during an amazing show. A unique experience.

The Westcoast route (bicycle route), North Sea Trails (hiking routes) and all goes through Tversted and the dune plantation; in the eastern direction to Skiveren and furthermore to Skagen, and in the western direction to Hirtshals, Lønstrup and Løkken. In the area by Tversted you will find numerous local bicycle and hiking routes.

Enjoy a great vacation in Tversted.