Toppen af Danmark
Hirtshals Fyr

Vacation in Hirtshals

In Hirtshals the harbor and the town are closely connected by the beautiful monuments “Trappen” and “Den Grønne Plads”. Activities on the old fishing harbor melts together with the town life and gives an authentic atmosphere.

The harbor basin “Vesthavnen” below “Trappen” still holds fishing activities and active marine workshops, but it also attracts more and more visitors. It’s at “Vesthavnen” the major events of Hirtshals take place: “Naturmødet” (the annual nature meeting), “Musik Under Trappen” (1-week music festival) and “Hirtshals Fiskefestival” (fish festival).

Enjoy the many shops, cafés and restaurants at the center of town. From here you have a beautiful view of the sea and the harbor and it is a great place to enjoy a sunset.

A few hundred meters from the center you will find a beach: “Husmoderstranden”. A great beach for families as cars are not allowed. From the beach you can enjoy the view of the beautiful lighthouse or take a short walk by the harbor promenade to the end of the pier to observe the entering and exiting at the Port of Hirtshals.

Enjoy the sight of the large ferries sailing between Hirtshals - Norway, Hirtshals - The Faroe Islands and Iceland. There is off course also a lot of traffic of big and small fishing boats and tour boats going on fishing trips. Find the tour boats at “Vesthavnen” and join a trip of deep-sea fishing.

From the top of the beautiful lighthouse you can enjoy the view of the town, the harbor and the sea. From there you also have a great overview of the Bunker Museum Hirtshals - 10. Battery. The open-air museum is open for visitors all year round and learn you about life for a soldier during the 2. world war. Join a guided tour of the bunker area during the summer – an existing experience. A walk around the area and through the trench is also a lovely nature experience.

Visit the local Hirtshals Museum and learn the story about the development of the town and the fishing industry and no the least the story of the local bitter: Bjesk. Plants, herbs and berries from the nearby dune landscape are added to schnapps and herby becomes bjesk, also known as spiced schnapps.

The largest attraction in Hirtshals is The North Sea Oceanarium, a must-see attraction. Here you can learn more about life in the North Sea in a fun and interactive way. The large seal habitat is an audience success during feeding times as well as the large moon fish in the large aquarium is a sight that everyone should experience. 

The nature around Hirtshals is wild, harsh and very addictive. The roaring rhythm of the sea, the refreshing wind and the deep of the forests, is a wonderful recreation, whether you enjoy the outdoor life at high or slow pace.

Enjoy a great vacation in Hirtshals.