Toppen af Danmark
Skumsprøjt i Hirtshals

Autumn in Hirtshals, Tornby & Tversted


Autumn is the most beautiful season with its many golden colors. The sun is hanging low in the sky but still warming. The forests are not only beautiful, but also abound with berries, mushrooms, herbs and heather, which you can collect for household needs. But autumn on the west coast is probably best known for its fresh storms with sea foam in the air. The storms stir the seabed well and often bring amber with them. Play in the wind with windsurfing, kitesurfing and setting up a kite. Enjoy the autumn break with lots of outdoor activities in Hirtshals, Tornby & Tversted.

For the children

Mountainbike in Tversted
mountainbike i hirtshals, tornby & tversted
minigolf ved Tornby Strand Camping
Soccer Golf
fodboldgolf ved fyrklit

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