Toppen af Danmark
Vinter i Hirtshals

Christmas in Hirtshals, Tornby and Tversted

Spend December visiting Hirtshals, Tornby or Tversted. Here the Christmas spirit is great and the possibilities for nice, fun and different experiences are many. Explore the wild nature, go to Christmas markets or take advantage of some of the many fun activities for both young and old.

Christmas is a time where coziness, being together and fun are in focus. In the Hirtshals, Tornby and Tversted area there are opportunities for everyone.

If you need an accommodation, you can book one of our lovely holiday homes on or enjoy a stay at one of the area's hotels.

All places are completely in harmony with nature - quiet and beautiful. This will surely help to affect the Christmas peace vibe.

Explore the area's delicious restaurants, where you can be sure to find something for all tastes.

Here you can find both traditional, classic restaurants as well as innovative, gastronomic restaurants - all something that has to be experienced sooner or later.

The area is very much characterized by its maritime industry. You can always buy delicious, fresh fish from Hirtshals Harbor.

Experience Christmas markets, Christmas dinners and great adventures when the local businesses offers numerous Christmas events. Experience everything from a “Christmas at the sea”-theme at the North Sea Oceanarium to enjoying hand crafts with glögg and cake around the galleries.

When the offers get too many you can also just take advantage of the raw fresh nature that you will find anywhere outside your door. Here you can walk in the dune plantations and explore the beaches and forests.

Christmas markets in the Top of Denmark
Børglum Kloster - vinter
Christmas shopping in the Top of Denmark
Christmas holiday for children in the Top of Denmark
Girl with a Christmas tree
Christmas time at Børglum Abbey
Jul på Børglum Kloster