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Uggerby Kirke

Churches in Hirtshals, Tornby & Tversted

In the area by Hirtshals, Tornby and Tversted many beautiful and historical churches are located. 

The area covers 5 different parishes, which each has two churches. The different churches in the area are located in small towns and they are Tversted, Uggerby, Bindslev, Sørig, Horne, Asdal, Tornby, Vidstrup, Hirtshals and Emmersbæk. All the churches have interesting histories and you can read more about the individual churches in the list below. Explore the decoration, baptismal font and graveyards of the different churches.

In the different churches many cultural arrangements take place, such as concerts, lectures and different seasonal services throughout the year. Read more about the different arrangements at the webpages of the different churches, or visit us at the tourist office in Hirtshals, and we are happy to help you research which activities takes place. We can also help you research when the churches are open.

The churches are also an interesting destination for travelers on the Ancient Road. The Ancient Road takes you from the northern part of Denmark (Hirtshals or Frederikshavn) to the south all the way to Padborg. Along the Ancient Road you will travel through the Danish landscape and through the various landscapes the lovely churches appear. The churches have throughout the times been used as landmarks for the travelers. Read more about the Ancient Toad here. 

Churches in the area