Palmestranden Frederikshavn
Pige i Frederikshavn

What to do?


When you visit 'The Little City', also known as Frederikshavn, there is always something to do - shopping, museum visits, concerts and not least a summer trip to the Palm Beach.

Active in the nature around Frederikshavn

Experience nature at Frederikshavn

To the east there is Kattegat and the beaches, where it is the woods and hills that characterize the nature to the west. Nature is exciting, beautiful and enriching to venture into.

Fun for kids in Frederikshavn

When you spend your vacation in the most northern part of Denmark, there is a lot of experiences for the whole family and the children will most certainly not miss out of all the fun. In Frederikshavn there is a ton of activities, experiences and happenings for children in all ages.

Angling in Frederikshavn

In Frederikshavn, there are many opportunities for angling. You can go fishing right from shore or from one of several piers. There are also good oppo...

Bicycle routes at Frederikshavn

Frederikshavn offers beautiful scenery with forest and beach, and it all just gets better when you experience it from a bike

Hiking and running routes in Frederikshavn

The possibilities are many if a hiking or running tour is on the program. Take a walk in the Bangsboskoven forest, which takes you through the Botanic...

Beaches around Frederikshavn

White sand, waving palm trees and views of the small island of Hirsholmene. The palm beach is child friendly with quiet, calm water, low water depth, ...

Enjoy life in Frederikshavn

Frederikshavn Beerwalk

Here is your chance to experience Frederikshavn in a whole new way. It's all about good beer and great atmosphere.

Shopping and service in Frederikshavn

When you visit the small city of Frederikshavn, one of Denmark's longest pedestrian streets will probably impress. You will find everything from shops...

Nightlife in Frederikshavn

When visiting Frederikshavn, there is good opportunity for a drink after a delicious meal at one of the city's many restaurants, and in several places...

Blues Heaven Festival Frederikshavn

BLUES HEAVEN Festival in Frederikshavn the 1st and 2nd of November. Experience Kenny Wayne Shepherd who has been defining blues-rock'n'roll for the pa...

The area around Frederikshavn


North of Frederikshavn you’ll find Strandby, a cosy old fishing village. A stroll through the village’s narrow and winding streets leads you past the many closely packed fishermen houses.

Hirsholmene ved Frederikshavn

The islands lie about 7 km north east of Frederikshavn in shallow water between Napstjert in the north and Bangsbo in the south. They were formed by blue clay and sand deposited on reefs formed in the Ice Age.

Cultural experiences

Indoor activities in Frederikshavn

When the weather is rainy, there are still plenty of exciting and good experiences in Frederikshavn. Holiday home with board games, buns and good movies are not to be mistaken. But you also have the opportunity to be physically active, cultural and artistic.

Museums in Frederikshavn

Take a stroll through Frederikshavn and meet the poetry on a housetop. Look inside the Art Museum with the fascinating mask of Jens Galschiøt on the f...

Churches in Frederikshavn

There are many beautiful old churches both in Frederikshavn and in the immediate vicinity. The city's large church can accommodate as many as 1160 peo...

Buildings and monuments in Frederikshavn

When you visit Frederikshavn there are many exciting and interesting buildings and various monuments of historical interest that are really worth spen...

The Bangsbo area

The Bangsbo areaThe area around Bangsbo manor house has some of the region´s most magnificent scenery.