Toppen af Danmark
Seadog sejler fra Frederikshavn til Hirsholmene

With Seadog to Hirsholmene island

Experience Denmark's finest rock reef islands, where both nature and culture are very special. On the island you feel almost like you ar e visiting the Swedish archipelago or a bird colony in the Faroe Islands.

Experience one of Denmark's most exciting island groups

The former urban community with the old houses and the small church between the stone dikes is always worth a visit.

To get out to Hirsholmene, you have to take the small boat 'Seadog'. You find Seadog at Pier 5 at Frederikshavn Harbour. The trips to the island are supported by the Danish Nature Agency.

It is necessary to order a ticket for the crossing - you can do this at, where you can also see which days and times the boat departs. The trip to Hirsholmene takes approx. 45 minutes and there is room for a maximum of 12 people in the boat.


Look forward to a wonderful boat trip and fantastic nature experience both along the way and on the island itself, where there are flocks of birds in abundance.

Besøg naturreservatet Hirsholmene med Seadog


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Fiskerihavnsgade - Pier 5

9900 Frederikshavn


Longitude: 10.5474195

Latitude: 57.4400972