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Download byguiderne for Skagen, Frederikshavn og Sæby

Download brochures from Frederikshavn, Skagen og Sæby

You can read and be inspired by this year's tourist guides online.

City Guides 2021

Both before and during your visit to Skagen, Frederikshavn og Sæby the City Guides offers suggestions for events and things to do - welcome to the top of Denmark. The guides have information in English, as well as Danish and German.

Turistguide for Skagen med seværdigheder, attraktioner og oplevelser
VisitSkagen 2021

Skagen awaits with unique experiences - Grenen where the two gardens meet and Denmark ends, masterpieces at Skagens Museum, the cozy environment at the harbour, good shops and delicious restaurants. Welcome to Skagen.

Turistguide for Frederikshavn med seværdigheder, attraktioner og oplevelser
VisitFrederikshavn 2021

In Frederikshavn you can visit the only Palm Beach in Denmark, feel the buzz of history in the Bangsbo area, relax in the cosy pedestrian environment, where you will also find many of the city's cafes and restaurants. Welcome to Frederikshavn.

Turistguide for Sæby med seværdigheder, attraktioner og oplevelser
VisitSæby 2021

Sæby exudes cosiness and atmosphere. Take a walk in the narrow alleys, enjoy a refreshment at the cozy harbor or on the square surrounded by all the specialty shops. Visit the beautiful church and see the unique frescoes. Welcome to Sæby.