Løkken for kids and families with kids

Løkken for kids

Fun places for kids in Løkken

You will find several activities and events for kids in Løkken. The major family attractions in Nordjylland are all within an hours’ drive from Løkken. 

Løkken offers exiting activities for all boys and girls at all ages. In Action House children can enjoy racing against eachother on a go cart track, team up for laser tag or have a game of bowling. While older brother or older sister is having a blast, smaller siblings under the age of 7, can have a lot of fun in the aracades huge indoor play ground.

Children with a sweet tooth, might find Bolcheriet® a delightfull experience. Mix your own bag of candy with your favorite flavour. Step in to the other room and watch how the candy or lollipops are made in a traditional and oldfashion way.

Up on a hill not far from Løkken, Børglum Abbey appears. The Abbey has housed kings and queens, monks and bishops, and is dated way back to the 10th century. The famous H. C. Andersen has even stayed there while he was on vaccation in Løkken. See the 15 different and historical exhibitions. You might like the exhibition of the childrens toys or the many dresses?

If you love animals, you would perhaps like to go to a petting zoo. Family Farm Fun Park has rabbits, dogs, ponys and...... A sea monster. Or maybe you would like to visit a circus. The Circus Farm is owned by the circusprincess, Katja Schumann and her family. She and her family are putting on shows for everyone, where they do shows wtih horses, ducks and pigs!

Kids who can't get enough of the Vitamin Sea, Løkken offers many exciting and fun water activities. On Sdr. Strandvej 18th surfers fra North Shore Surf are ready to take you out the waves.

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