At the campsite in the Top of Denmark

In the Top of Denmark you'll find campsites that - thanks to their location - are quite unique. Picturesque sites, sites with beautiful views of the east or west coast, urban sites, sites close to the forest or the beach and with direct access to the sea - you'll find everything in the Land of Light. At the campsites you can experience all of the joys of camping: intimacy and community, freedom, a wide range of activities for young and old alike, but also the simple life and peace and quiet if that's more your scene.

Campsites in cabin, caravan or tent

In Denmark it is not allowed to camp anywhere. For example you can not camp (only rest) on streets and roads, in parks and forests, on beaches or parking lots. Whether you come with your own tent, motorhome or caravan, you must camp at the official campsites. In The Top of Denmark, the options and benefits are many: You get supervision and all facillities at your disposal and can be assured of a relaxing and safe stay in beautiful surroundings.

Lots of activities and the chance of having fun and spending time together

Many campsites have special events for children during the high season or a wealth of music and entertainment on the programme. Furthermore, the campsites in the Land of Light fulfil all wishes for an eventful holiday by putting on a number of exciting activities: Both adults and children can enjoy themselves at the swimming pool, play mini-golf and other ball games, have fun at the various playgrounds and much more besides.

Attractions in beautiful surroundings

The chance of finding a campsite that suits your tastes is pretty good with the wide range of sites on offer in the region. Hiking or cycling trips, a small excursion to an exciting attraction, or out into the wide blue yonder with your own provisions to enjoy the beautiful countryside are also obvious things to do with the campsite as your starting point.


The campsites in the Land of Light are well maintained and have the excellent sanitary conditions, kitchen facilities, shops and other modern facilities that are necessary in order to ensure an enjoyable holiday. The campsites are classified and subject to unscheduled inspections each year by the Danish Camping Board's consultants and can be awarded from 1 star to 5 stars in the Board's classification scheme. The Danish Camping Board guarantees that the campsites live up to the specified standards. You can find more details under each campsite.

Remember your Camping Card

You need a valid Camping Card to stay at a campsite – even in a rented chalet. The Camping Card can be bought at campsites and tourist offices - or in some cases be ordered online in advance from the campsite's website.

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