Spend an active holiday in Hirtshals

Hiking near Hirtshals

The North Sea Trail - Denmark's longest hiking trail (1500 km) runs along the North Sea through seven countries, in total about 6.000 kilometers. The North Sea Trail runs through Hirtshals eastward in direction of Tversted and Skagen. And southwards in direction of Lønstrup and Løkken. See detailed map of the North Sea Trail in Hirtshals.

Hærvejen, lying on the ridge top from south of Denmark to Viborg, has now been taken up through North Jutland in both an easterly and westerly direction. Hærvejen runs at the west coast to Hirtshals and continues to Norway. Through time, Hærvejen has been known as Bullock Road, Ox Road, King’s Road, Roman Road or simply the Country Road. Read more about Hærvejen.

Cycle routes

The West Coast Route (Vestkystrute) is a national cycle route through Jutland on the west coast. From the flat marshland in the South Denmark, through the narrow isthmus in West Jutland to the steep dunes in North Jutland. The Vestkystrute is a 560 kilometre-long cycle route with beautiful and varied nature experiences. The West Coast Route runs through Hirtshals and passes several of the town’s attractions.

Panorama Routes

In Hirtshals you will find two Panorama cycle routes (scenic loop on the national West Coast Route), which take you through a beautiful and distinctive landscape. The two Panorama routes are perfect day trips with good challenges.

Angling holidays

Spring and fall are good seasons for fishing and in Hirtshals, you will find several good fishing places. Pier fishing for flatfish, cod and mackerel are very popular, and known being rewarding. If the weather permits, you can jump aboard a fishing charter boat to go sea fishing.

Mountain biking

MBT has become a popular activity, and in Tornby Klitplantage (dune plantation), you can find a 14 kilometre-long trail with good height challenges. Find specifications and download the trail to a GPS device.

Horse riding holidays

North Jutland is among horse people called "Small Iceland", due to the beautiful landscape and the many Icelandic horses that beautify the region. Both in Lilleheden Dune Plantation and in Tornby Dune Plantation you can find good horse riding trails, which also lead you to the beaches. If you are bringing your own horse to Hirtshals, we have several “horse hotels”. 

Maps and folders

please ask for maps, folders and more inspiration at Hirtshals Tourist Office.

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